The Backyard Golf Game

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When putting the rings together, keep all the like colors together. 

Press the orange button to connect each of the ring pieces, then slide to click into place.

Place the 3 rings approximately 60 feet from the mat.  Don't have a tape measure? Just make your best guesstimate.  A good rule of thumb: the length should roughly match up with the length of a typical shot taken with a full swing of your favorite wedge.


Play as individuals or in teams—however you choose to dominate.

1. Choose your ball color

2. Each person hits 4 balls per hole (with each ball hit consecutively)

3. Play 9 holes

4. The player or team with the most points at the end of the round wins

5.  If there is a tie, play one additional hole - whoever scores more points wins

6. Distribute bragging rights accordingly SCORING + GAME SETUP:


Ball lands inside the blue ring = 1 point

Inside the green ring = 3 points

Orange ring = 5 points


The Best Thing About TBGG: How You Personalize It.

Here are some other ways to play the game!

Water Hazard:

Place the largest (blue) ring in front of the other two rings. Lose one point every time you land in the blue ring—splash! The green and orange rings remain worth 3 and 5 points, respectively.

Match Play:

Play each “hole” as a separate round. The player with the most points in that round wins the hole, and the player with the most holes at the end of 9 wins.

Single Hole:

Play with just the orange ring and treat the game like regular golf, with players taking turns hitting until their ball lands in the ring. Move the ring’s location after each “hole” is complete. Total up all strokes and lowest score after nine “holes” wins.


Like H-O-R-S-E in basketball, done TBGG-style. Call your shot and see if other players can duplicate. Those who can’t earn a letter. May the best backyard golf skills win.

Close Out:

Players hit their balls into each ring a certain number of times to “close out” the ring. Close out all 3 rings to win.

Cut Throat:

Similar to Close Out, except in this version players who have already closed out rings can continue to distribute points to others who haven’t. The lowest score who has closed out all rings wins.